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7 ways to decorate your desk

Posted on September 20 2017

We know how you feel, you’ve spent days relaxing under the sun (if you don’t live in the UK) and now it’s time to head back to work. You grab your morning coffee, sit down at your desk and are feeling pretty uninspired. Don’t worry though, OOSTOR has you covered! We have created a list of seven kick-ass products that will give your workspace a very much needed boost of creativity!

1. Large Square Antiprism

This concrete geometric vase is the perfect mix of quirky and minimalist. Designed to contrast beautifully with Succulents, when paired together, the Antiprism becomes a wonderful desk companion that brightens up your workspace.

Bonus: Having plants around has been shown to reduce stress by creating a calm atmosphere!

2. Delamp

There’s nothing worse than a poorly lit desk. Brighten up your space with a lamp. This Debosc lamp is smart and sleek. The modern design uses minimal space to aid you to fully optimise your desk. The lamp is able to be angled to suit your reading and working height, making sure you aren’t working in the dark

3. Fläpps Secretary of State

Tired of sacrificing style for space? Well, fear no more because, with this fold down desk, you get the best of both worlds! Providing a stylish and practical workspace whilst in use, then when you need to make room for meetings or just need a little more space, simply fold it away into the wall. The desk also boasts a pocket to store your stationary, meaning less clutter around your office and in turn a more free flowing, creative environment!

Bonus: Whilst folded, the desk turns into an attractive, minimalist piece of wall art!

4. InBox Mini Cargo Container Crates Set

Keep things fun with this set of quirky miniature crate boxes are best suited for lesser loads such as pens, art supplies or bits and bobs.  An original and environmentally friendly desk tidy.

BONUS: The set is also complete with lids so you can stash your goods out of sight.

5. Traces London Notebook

Start a fresh after the holidays and keep your ideas safe with these unique notebooks, embossed with the streets of London! Stay on top of your tasks whilst keeping a part of the UK’s capital with you!

6. Debeam

Nobody wants to suffer from neck or back pain whilst working. This laptop stand keeps your PC or MacBook at eye level, reducing eye strain and allowing you to work with your shoulders straight. As well as helping with your posture, the stand also boasts an attractive minimalist style, in keeping with that creative Scandinavian office look.


Proving that multi-functional doesn’t have to be boring, the Hacked head has numerous uses as a desk companion - From storing your pens and other stationery, adding light to your desk as a candle holder and even providing a way for nature to find a home in your office as a quirky planter! On top of Hacked’s many uses, it is made from uber stylish concrete, coming in a variety of eye catching colours, proving to be a fantastic addition to your workspace!


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