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Things To Do at Home During Coronavirus Lockdown

Posted on March 30 2020

Things to do at home during Coronavirus lockdown

Photo Credit – Vital Sinkevich

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us and with the recent lockdown announcement people with usually busy lifestyles find themselves bored whilst stuck at home. Fear no more we have compiled a list of things to do when stuck at home during Coronavirus lockdown.


It’s not hard to become overwhelmed and anxious due to the constant news stream and realities of the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s been backed by science that meditation and mindfulness help to reduce stress and control anxiety (we could all do with a bit of calm right now!) With the free time on hand during the self isolation period, why not try and practice meditation daily and reap the benefits of it. There are many meditation apps, books and YouTube videos that will help you to get started if you are new to meditation. Find a place for meditation, this can be in a corner of your favourite room in the house, garden or wherever you feel the most comfortable, grab a meditation cushion for extra comfort, light up a candle and ‘Zen’.

Things to do at home during coronavirus lockdown | Meditation

Photo Credit – Natalia Figueredo


Yep, gardening, that thing that you thought your parents only do, does seem like a very appealing thing to do during the Coronavirus quarantine. Give the garden of yours a makeover (or at least water the plants!). Start a vegetable patch and plant some flowers, clean the decking, get rid of those tiny weeds that grow between the paving stones. You can really go as little or as big as you wish. Not only a well kept garden is nice to look at, it's been proven that gardening is also beneficial for our mental health. But what if I don’t have a garden? Not to worry you can get a vertical garden for indoors or you can put a few more plants in colourful plant pots and create your very own indoor garden.

Things to do at home during coronavirus lockdown | Gardening

Photo Credit – NeONBRAND

Online Shopping

Now that majority of non-essential shops have closed spend your Saturday (or any other day of the week) shopping online. Why not discover new brands and support small business and self employed makers who have been affected the hardest during the Coronavirus crisis. You can discover more that 250 independent brands and emerging designers here on, in homeware, fashion, gifts, artisan foods, art and many more categories. Shopping online is one of the must things to do when stuck at home during Coronavirus lockdown.

Things to do at home during coronavirus lockdown | Online Shopping

Photo Credit – Brooke Lark

Redecorate your Home or Room

Admit it, redecorating your house was on your mind for a while, you know that Pinterest board that's full of decor ideas that never got a chance to be realised? Well now is the time to make that Pin or the Pinterest board of yours a reality - hang up stylish wallpaper, paint the walls, shop online for new homeware such as furniture, bedding, curtains, cushions, decorate your walls with some inspiring wall art and wall stickers!

Things to do at home during coronavirus lockdown | Redecorating

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Deep Clean Your House

With lots of free time on your hands why not give your house a deep clean, we mean a really deep clean like the one you see in ‘Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners’. Apart from your usual cleaning routine, attend also the places that often get ignored when cleaning, you know like on top and underneath the furniture, the cupboards, sweep the spider webs from the ceiling corners, clean inside the washing machine (yep, that’s a thing!), clean behind and underneath the fridge and for goodness sake clean the oven! You might hate it but deep cleaning your home is one of the best things you can do at home during Coronavirus lockdown, admit’s much nicer to spend lots of time at home when it’s sparkly clean and organised!

Things to do at home during coronavirus lockdown | Deep Cleaning

Photo Credit – Daiga Ellaby

Organising and Decluttering your home like Marie Kondo

We all lately have an obsession with perfectly organised pantries and drawers! But we don’t do it and perfectly organised drawers and symmetrical storage jars are often left collecting dust in our Pinterest board, due to the lack of time, the overwhelming feeling of getting rid of stuff and the organisation process itself and (let’s name it!) laziness. Since time is no longer an issue combat your laziness and ‘if it doesn’t spark joy’ get rid of it. Not only is an organised and decluttered house pleasing to an eye, it will also organise your mind and who knows you might finally find that thing you were looking for. So add decluttering and organising to your list of things to do when stuck at home during self isolation time.

Things to do at home during coronavirus lockdown | Organising and Decluttering

Photo Credit – Heather McKean


One of the things to do when stuck at home during the Coronavirus lockdown is to exercise. Yes, staying indoors can make you feel unmotivated and the 24/7 close proximity to the fridge does not help (at all!). But there are plenty of YouTube videos bursting with all sorts of exercises (we mean all!), as well as fitness apps that will help you to find suitable exercise activities to match your fitness goals like Kayla Itsines, Aaptiv and Fitbit Coach. Not being able to go to the gym should not be the reason not to exercise, gyms are also adapting to the current circumstances with live streaming classes via Zoom video conferencing app, which allows participants to see each other during livestream broadcasting and the trainer can give you feedback, just like in the real class. Make the most of your living room or garden, with a bit of motivation and an exercise mat and keep on top of your fitness goals during social distancing and self isolation time.

Things to do at home during coronavirus lockdown | Exercise

Photo Credit – Maddi Bazzocco

Binge Watch TV Series

Because now is the time to do it! Netflix, Amazon Prime Video’s, Hayu and more all offer a wide variety of TV shows and films. Re-watch the classics such as “Friends” or binge watch all of the ‘Game of Thrones’ seasons. Or why not watch a documentary and learn something new? Staying at home for a very important reason adds guilt free to binge watching. You are literally saving the world by laying on the sofa and watching tv.

Things to do at home during coronavirus lockdown | Binge Watching TV

Photo Credit – J E Shoots

Online Courses

Don’t procrastinate and use the self isolation time to attain a new skill or raise your qualification. With a variety of online courses available such as on Udemy, and Open University (check out their list of free courses) you have a chance to finally dedicate time to learn that thing that you really wanted to but never had time for and get a step or two closer to your dream job. Did you want to learn a new language, learn how to build a website or how to paint using water colours, now is the time to do it.

Things to do at home during coronavirus lockdown | Online Courses

Photo Credit – Alice Dietrich

Read a book (or 2, 3, 4, 5)

You know that difficult book that you really want to read but can’t surpass page number 10 for the past 2 years. Yeah that one, challenge yourself and read the poor thing finally, and tick it off your things to do at last *Exhales*. Not your case? Entertain yourself with interesting books during these slowly passing days at home due to the pandemic. Check your book shelves for books that you haven’t read yet or get a new book to read on your Kindle. Did you know that reading is not only entertaining, it is good for your brain (think of it as exercise for the brain), betters your problem solving thinking, improves your conversational skills and much more.

Things to do at home during coronavirus lockdown | Reading

Photo Credit – Blaz Photo

Self Care

We know that we already mentioned exercising and meditating before, but self-care should also be on your list of things to do during at home during Coronavirus lockdown. Discipline yourself to drink 2 litres of water a day, because we know it was on your New Year’s resolution list. Take time to have nice and relaxing lavender baths. Take care of your skin - scrub, moisturise, massage - because there aren’t excuses not to do it. Do hair masks, face masks and take care of your nails and drink supplements. Maybe even learn how to do some beauty treatments (the safe ones) yourself that you would usually get in a salon. And by the time the quarantine is over you will get out of the house looking and feeling like a ‘Goddess’ or a ‘God’.

Things to do at home during coronavirus lockdown | Self Care

Photo Credit – Mutzii

Call Your Family and Friends

Or better video call them because we all need to support each other. Catch up with people to whom you haven’t spoken to in a while, like people you used to go to university with or ex-colleagues, or even your friends from school (The ones that you like of course), they will be happy to hear from you, because they are just as bored as you are, perhaps they have called you already?

And most importantly don’t forget the most vulnerable who have been already self-isolating for a while due to Coronavirus Pandemic for much longer than the rest of us. Do you have a grandmother or grandad who is alone during this time or perhaps you have an elderly neighbour who is on their own. Give them a call and have a chat, ask if they need any help , they might be too embarrassed to ask for it. It’s so important to be united (with social distancing precautions of course), kind and helpful to one another during times such as this.

Things to do at home during coronavirus lockdown | Call Friends and Family

Photo Credit – Thom Holmes


With restaurants and cafes being closed, take this time to cook at home and maybe even discover new recipes. Why not try to recreate your favourite restaurant dishes - Italian pizza, pad thai, burrito you name it!

Things to do at home during coronavirus lockdown | Cooking

Photo Credit – Petr Sevcovic

Plan things that you are going to do after lockdown finishes

Yep when this is over you will want to get out the house and do all the things that you couldn’t do during the Coronavirus lockdown. Why not plan your dream holiday(s!) ahead, or work through your bucket list of things that you want to do and start planning ahead.

Things to do at home during coronavirus lockdown | Planning

Photo Credit – Lucas Wesney

Brew your own beer…

Because why not?

Here’s a handy brewing kit

Things to do at home during coronavirus lockdown | Beer Brewing

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We hope you enjoyed this list of things to do during at home during Coronavirus self isolation. Let us know in the comments if you have other ideas on things to do when stuck at home.


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