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What happened when we wrote the job ad we had always wanted to see.

Posted on September 08 2017

Recently we decided it was about time we grew our team a bit more, so we set about writing a job ad for some interns. We had a look at what the ‘average’ job spec on was like and began writing ours in the same tone and style as those we had seen.

Once complete, we, of course, read it back… only to come to the shocking realisation that we had written the exact type of job advert that would make us sigh and roll our eyes. It had none of our personality in it and just felt horribly corporate (if job adverts could be a colour, that one would have been beige).

Where did we go wrong? It was written exactly as a job ad is ‘supposed’ to be? Everyone else’s are the same? That is when it hit us… trying to be a carbon copy of other job specs, and doing it ‘by the book’ was never going to work for us… we are a start-up for god sake!

Back to the drawing board we went, giving a big “screw you” to convention as we did (we are kinda cool and rebellious like that). We decided to just be us (however cliché that may sound), I mean who really wants to apply to the same company just with a different logo all the time? So we began injecting our (somewhat) humorous personality into the ad, whilst making sure we kept our super corporate image up (we can’t have people thinking we don’t wear suits 24/7 can we?)

A few bad jokes later and we were done… we had created a masterpiece that even Ernest Hemingway would envious of (He’s some old writer guy – we think). After some well-deserved ego boosting and heavy celebrating, we thought it was probably a good idea to actually post the thing.

So what happened when we finally released our beloved creation? Well, not blow our own trumpet but the response was phenomenal, we had a swarm of applicants… around 100 and counting actually! It felt great to know that taking a gamble and being our genuine selves had paid off tenfold, and yes, we did end up hiring!

So, the moral of the story? Don’t stick with the boring crap, do what feels natural and be yourself… whether you are an individual or a business (or something wise like that).

Check our literary masterpiece below!



Social Media Internship - Paid - Cambridge 


 We are a new company in need of a few more talented creative types to join our existing ragtag team of (somewhat) talented creative types. As an ambitious, insightful, entrepreneurial and all around awesome person you're who we want for the role. Since we're a start-up you'll get to see all aspects of the business and gain invaluable experience for any future position.

You'll be creating copy for social media, blogs, YouTube and other outlets we aged folk in our late 20's can't keep up with (are cats videos still hip?). As part of this role, you'll use your creativity and enthusiasm to build our social media presence with your unique touch. You will also help us write newsletters, articles, emails and other text for us (because if you're reading this you can tell we need it). We tried being corporate but it didn't take, so you need to be able to do this work in a relaxed friendly space. A space filled with the dulcet tones of Bruno Mars.

What will you need to work here? Strong writing skills and an interest in current trends. Awareness of how to implement social media in business. A liking for Bruno Mars, Harry Styles, and Justin Bieber.

●      What would be a nice bonus to see?

●      Graphic design skills

●      Experience in building and growing a social media account (personal or otherwise)

●      An ability to tolerate our antics for 2-3 days/week for normal working hours.


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