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Brand Guidelines

Posted on May 21 2018

Brand Guidelines

About us is an online marketplace that helps you discover the best independent brands from around the world. We set out to create the centre of independent shopping, letting you browse 1000’s of meaningful, unique products, without the pain of visiting masses of websites. We spend our time searching for ‘hard to find’ brands, emerging designers and passionate artisans to bring you products that inspire, motivate and give you the satisfaction of being unique. 

 Whether you are looking for what’s on-trend, products to suit your lifestyle, or the perfect gift for that special someone, we are dedicated to bringing the highest quality and most sought-after products online.

Our Mission

 Our aim is to create the leading global trend & lifestyle online marketplace that is known for showcasing the highest quality indie brands from across the world. 

 We want to turn into THE place to visit when you want to discover the latest trends, shop your dream lifestyle or just need a little home or wardrobe inspiration. We are always researching upcoming trends, and growing our already large range of products and brands, in order to provide a shopping experience that benefits both the seller and the customer. 

Brand Name

We spent a lot of time on both the creation and the awareness building of the brand name, so it is key, where possible, we keep all of uses of our company name uniform across all channels and outlets.

Brand Name

When using the the brand name it is imperative that it is spelt correctly and includes the '.com' - This is for the benefit of both, as a brand, and it's sellers. Doing this allows us to keep brand uniformity and more effectively market ourselves and continue to build awareness. 

Appropriate spelling of the company name: ''.

Inappropriate spellings of the company name: 'OOSTOR (without the .com)', 'OOSTORE', 'OO-STOR', 'OOSTER', 'OSTOR' or any other variants.


Our logo is our company face and identifier, it is of upmost importance that we remain recognisable to both shoppers and other parties - So in order to make sure it is uniform across all forms of media and marketing, we have provided you with these pointers.

Logo Do's:

The most common and preferable logo to use is the red ‘’ text with the black tagline beneath it. We do understand that our company red may clash with your own website colours, so we have provided an alternate logo with white ‘’ text and black or light grey background.

Please see all logo's suitable for use in LOGOS section of the Seller Guidelines Page.

Logo Don'ts:

Before undergoing a re-branding/colour-change we used to frequently use the logos with white ‘’ text and a red background. Since undergoing the revamp we no longer use these logos for any marketing purposes - You may find these logos online in past social media posts, but not in any current branding, so please do not use them.

Brand Colours

As with logos, our brand colours are a key part of making both eye-catching and recognisable to consumers and other parties. It is important that when being represented by third parties through marketing channels or in content, that our brand colours remain consistent. We do however sometimes use season colours for marketing campaign purposes, but if when creating any marketing materials/visuals of your own regarding please ensure you use our correct brand colours. Red:
HEX: #ED1849
RGBA: 238,23,73,1
CMYK: 0.00, 0.90, 0.69, 0.07
HEX: #ffffff
RGBA: 360,100,100,1
CMYK: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
HEX: #000000
RGBA: 0,0,0,1360,100,100,1
CMYK: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 1.00

Social Media

Social Media is a major part of our brand and we have worked hard to build a strong presence across all channels. In order to retain this presence and influence we need to ensure, where possible, all mentions by brands, press and other third parties are uniform and send a similar, if not the same, brand message. 

Social Handles

When posting about, we ask that you tag/mention us using the relevant social handle.

Handles: Instagram: @oostor.com_official, Facebook: @oostorofficial, Twitter: @oostor.com_official, Pinterest: OOSTOR, Vero:

Social Media Do's

Tag/mention us in your posts/stories/campaigns. Feel free to tell the world you are one of our sellers, share our posts and actively engage with our social channels. When talking about us on Facebook, Twitter, Vero and Pinterest use our hashtag. This helps show our followers you are on, as well as increasing our reach and brand awareness. If you are posting about us on Instagram, use the #OOSTOR hashtag, we only use that hashtag on Instagram. When using the name, please ensure it is spelt correctly and you use the '.com' - The helps us keep a uniform brand style and avoids confusion with consumers.

Social Media Don'ts

When posting about, we ask that you refrain from using profanity or any negative/offensive connotations that may upset or offend consumers or the general public. We ask that when talking about you don't exclude the '.com' as this is a part of our branding and ensure you spell our name correctly e.g. there is no 'E' at the end of OOSTOR. Do not negatively engage with our customers via social media, we as a company are focused on helping customers and sellers settle any issues, and inappropriate/negative interaction may impact our diplomacy.