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Buy Angell Independent Polish Womens wear brand


ANGELL is a brand that was created out of passion, determination and faith in its abilities in order to revolutionize women's wardrobe. The greatest value of our projects is the quality, carefully selected materials and timeless cuts. To emphasize the natural beauty of our products, we work on every detail and check its functionality with great care. We create unique and limited collections that will serve women for years. Above all, we value comfort, elegance and that's exactly what we want to present in ANGELL clothes.


Our clothes are made in a small sewing room with many years of experience. The team includes, among others, designer, tailor, dressmakers and people specializing in manual finishing. The main tasks include clothing design, construction creation, grading to selected sizes, sewing prototypes and multi-stage quality control. The entire production process takes place in our headquarters - from the sketch to the last manual stitching, and the knowledge of our specialists allows you to get the highest quality clothing.

ANGELL is the result of the work of only native tailor shops and pattern stores. In addition to high-quality cotton and delicate wool, you'll also find beautiful silks. Most fabrics are imported from Italy. We believe that only thanks to cooperation with the best suppliers and attention to every detail, we can offer you something more than just clothing.

How are ANGELL products made?

The first drawing is just an outline of the project, which then goes to the next stage of production. Each product consists of several or even a dozen or so elements, depending on the complexity.

To check if the design has been correctly calculated and cut, we sew prototypes. Thanks to them we can see what our product may look like in the end.

When everything is accepted, the model goes into production, where it is graded and sewn in all planned colors.

Then the electric knife cuts out all the elements that are later combined by experienced dressmakers of our workshop. After positive quality control, ANGELL products  reach the final stage of finishing, where labels and tags are attached.

From here, ready clothes go to the warehouse, from which they begin their journey to customers.


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