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Darkstar Leatherworks

Darkstar Leatherworks Profile Banner Darkstar Leatherworks started with a few scraps of high quality leather, some late nights in the garage and a desire to create unique accessories that merged form and function. We couldn’t find premium leather products that suited our lifestyle or motorcycles. They all looked and felt the same, mass produced in some obscure factory with no care or pride. The leather hides we selected have been tanned the old way so no two are exactly the same, giving each product a unique character and allowing it to develop a fantastic patina as it ages. We did not want to compromise on the quality of materials used, whether that was the buckles, threads, steel or dyes. Each product is made for a lifetime, not just a lifestyle. We design and craft every single one of our leather goods with an attention to detail that borders on an obsession. With quality as our top priority, we incorporate the best elements of traditional leathersmithing with modern technology and design to seamlessly merge form with function.
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