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Small Gilded Plant Pots


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Small Gilded Plant Pots by Elsker Creations

These contemporary styled ceramic pots, with luxury gilded tops and a pop of bright colour transform any outdoor area into a spring paradise.



The pots by Elsker Creations are perfect for both indoor and outdoor plants and they brighten up any green spaces within your home. Designed with spring in mind, the pots are available in a number of cheerful colours with a luxurious gold foil gilded on the top rim of each pot. 

Elsker Creations take great care and pride in designing all of their products and each pot is carefully gilded by hand.  

All Elsker Creations products are unique, given that each pot is gilded by hand, it is impossible to achieve complete uniformity, meaning each pot comes with its own characteristics. 


Key Features:

  • Unique gilding to every pot
  • Multiple colours



  • One Small Gilded Plant Pot


Colours Available:

  • Baby Pink
  • Pale Yellow
  • Fresh Green
  • Turquoise
  • Shocking Pink