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Graphite Velvet Watch

£72.25 £85.00

Patoo Watches: graphite-velvet-watch

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Patoo thrives to inspire girls worldwide. Our timeless product desires to enable girls to express themselves wholly and inspire one another. Our ethos is to connect originality with wearability and personal style.

A black velvet watch, an ideal complement for today’s bold woman. Patoo watches are designed to reflect the uniqueness and personality of the wearer, and the velvet collection is inspired by the passionate and forward-looking woman.

The exquisite color combination of this model, with a luxurious black velvet strap and trendy rose gold case, makes it perfect for busy women during the day… and at night.

And elegant timepiece, with a touch of boldness.

Case Size: 38.5mm
Strap Width: 20mm
Movement: Japanese Quartz Movement
Case Material: Alloy and Stainless Steel Back Case
Case colour: Rose Gold
Dial colour: Matte Black
Strap Material: Top layer 100%PL Velvet material. Bottom layer genuine leather.
Strap Colour: Black Velvet