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Brand KAMADEVA creates a stylish and comfortable clothes for travel that will make every minute of your holiday enjoyable and memorable. Kamadeva name for the first time found only in the early Vedic descriptions, and represents the first conscious desire the common good and love for all that lives and feels and needs help and kindness. Kamadeva - Indian Cupid, god of love. Depicted as a winged boy with a bow of sugarcane and five arrows of flowers. We deliberately chose this name with deep overtones. KAMADEVA give you a sence of positive filling and energy of things with love created.  The theme of our collection are garments for travel. We inspired by geometry of maritime landscape and shapes of sea inhabitants. We have explored this theme and tried to reproduce it in the clothes creating a unique mood and style of the collection. The theme of the collection, which finds its shape in detail and lines make you draw parallels with certain images and events, or even have a new look on the chosen topic. We wanted to create image, related to the sea and to recreate the true nature of the marine element and its inhabitants, where each color, each line is subject to an age-long wisdom of nature.

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