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Once upon a time, watchmaking was a venerable art form, marked by quality, integrity, and variety. Nowadays, outsourcing has become an industry mantra, where craft, quality and innovation continues to be compromised. ADEXE however, is a timepiece that reflects the spirit of its wearer, distinguishing itself from the mass-produced line of “more of the same” masses. ADEXE prides itself as a master of the venerable art form, melding mechanical precision with luxury and aesthetic finesse. In 1982, there was an old couple with four sons, three were a bit naughty but Danny, the second oldest, was quite special. Danny dropped out of military school and started selling POLO shirts in the nearby flea markets in order to help support his parents and the family. Ten years later, by happenstance, while Danny was selling POLOs, an investor came to know of Danny’s passionate desire to start his own company creating leather watch straps. With the investors’ money in hand, Danny started a small factory with only 3-people. Danny created a motto, "Try the best until the last minute because failure and success are just a matter of a one-second-thought". This motto kept him moving forward, focusing on the importance of the quality and craft that took his factory from only 3-people, to a now 1200-people factory in 25 years. Teamed up with his daughter's fashion expertise and desire to continue the legacy of the art form her father created, the ADEXE brand is formed. ADEXE, the non-conformist brand, just like you, differentiates itself from the mass-produced competitors, by offering traditional quality and luxury, but invoking contemporary minimalism. Vertically integrated under one roof, we adhere to one mission: “Create Finely Crafted, Uniquely Appointed Timepieces at Affordable Prices”. ADEXE is the renaissance in watchmaking, representing a rebirth of an age-old tradition. The bespoke workmanship and commitment of ADEXE speaks of a forgotten craft, all the while, updating the traditional styles for the twenty-first century. ADEXE is a brand that embodies the true British style and spirit, “We Know How to Make Watches that Last”. Every watch we create comes with a certified lifetime warranty. It is our blend of the latest technology and irreplaceable experience that enables us to bring you watches that are a part of a larger story, the ADEXE story. The core values are imbued in every single piece we produce. And with a brand-new collection every six months, we have something for every personality and every style. For those who want to be different but still prize classical quality, ADEXE lets you make the statement.
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