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Un Air d'Antan

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Un Air d'Antan is a French brand specialising in original, delicate and unforgettable fragrances and toiletries, all inspired by timeless, vintage and shabby chic stylings of French songs and culture. The name Un Air d'Antan comes from this ideology and loosely translates to 'An Air of Yesteryear' in English.

 All of Un Air d'Antan's original fragrances are created in Grasse (Provence, France), the world famous capital of perfumes. Un Air d'Antan's wonderful fragrances ignite your fondest memories as they take you on a sensory journey through France's most beautiful and unforgettable destinations. Each product is an olfactive expression of timeless French songs, that fill your bathroom with delicate and feminine aromas.

All Un Air d'Antan products are dermatologically tested and PH neutral, to ensure they are kind to all skin types. They are also paraben free and cruelty free, so you can use them, guilt free. 

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