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Witty Ditty Designs Profile Banner Bee Veronica Moore is a talented, London based graphic designer, creative writer, illustrator and, founder of Witty Ditty Designs. Bee loves writing children’s stories and poems which she then prints onto 100% cotton fabrics. From these fabrics she creates quirky handmade soft furnishings for kids, covering them in original, beautifully illustrated, whimsical rhymes, that she hopes will encourage them to read while they play. From very young children, who are just learning new words and sounds, to older kids who simply love to read - Bee's fun poetry is something they and all the family can enjoy.  Kids can squash, cuddle, jump on, sit on, sleep under and read her unique range of handmade soft furnishings and homeware, to their hearts content – anytime, anyplace, anywhere. It's a great way to introduce children to wonderful new characters and makes small everyday activities – like helping to set the table – a fun way to learn new words. The idea for this unusual way of displaying her poetry came about while she was a volunteer BookTime mentor at a local primary school, where for three years she helped young children learn to improve their reading skills. Witty Ditty's mission – is to spread poetry and rhyme everywhere and on everything, for all children and their families to enjoy. And now Bee's idea has come to life and her uniquely designed, handmade cushions, duvet covers, placemats and more, are available online and in stores. If you have any questions about Witty Ditty products or want to ask about personalising something, email Bee via our contact page, she’d love to hear from you! We also believe that in this multicultural world we live in, all children should see themselves reflected around them, we try to ensure our products do this. All Witty Ditty products are designed and handmade in the UK
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