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Dessia table


Lene Bjerre: A00005244

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Raw and industrial table with an antique grey table top and black frame from Lene Bjerre.

This Dessia table is made of iron and zinc and measures L178xW89xH76 cm. Never has the phrase "less is more" been better suited. The table is timeless, yet nevertheless modern and can at the same time be functional and easily accessible. It has the advantage of being able to be used in all the rooms of the house and in a variety of design styles. Its rustic modernity, craftsmanship and unique design are out of the ordinary.

The table functions as a good looking element of contrasting character and it gives a special touch to the entire room. It reflects style and personality and generates a very special atmosphere. The industrial influences of the table and the great vintage look, create a very special depth and patina that gives the table its very own life and soul. It is a unique and eye catching piece of furniture which radiates edge and exclusivity.