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Analogue Click Clock


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LED display, analogue face, and modern design—the Gingko Analogue Click Clock is best of both worlds combined.




When vintage and modern are combined, one can create truly unique products, like the new Analogue Click Clock by the brand Gingko. This contemporary clock has an analogue face but with a LED display that can be activated permanently or by sound. Plus, it has a second dot that moves around the clock continuously, which adds to its interesting design.


Speaking of design, the simple and clean silhouette of this square-shaped clock blends perfectly in a modern interior. But it will also look aesthetically pleasing in any type of home, in any room you put it in, whether you display it on a shelf or mount it on the wall.


The Gingko Analogue Click Clock, a modern timepiece with a vintage feel.


Aside from its analogue face, one other traditional feature of the Analogue Click Clock is its alarm. Now, you can make your space more interesting and never be late again with this Gingko product, which you can get here at


Key Features:

-       Traditional analogue face but with sound-activated LED display

-       LED display options: Permanent or sound-activated

-       Power supply: DC5V/0.5-1A plug adapter and built-in rechargeable back-up battery

-       Battery life: Approx. 2 days in a permanent display or 2 weeks in sound-activated display

-       Colours available: Aluminum, ash, black, or walnut

-       Product size: 250mm x 250mm x 65mm

-       Product weight: 1200g



-       Analogue Click Clock

-       DC5V/0.5-1A plug adapter

-       Built-in rechargeable back-up battery


Colours/Sizes Available:

-       Aluminium

-       Ash

-       Black

-       Walnut

-       One size



-       250mm x 250mm x 65mm

-       1200g


Delivery information:

-       UK delivery time: 2 working days

-       European delivery time: 5-7 working days

-       International delivery time: 12-14 working days