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'Boys Will Be Boys' Wall Sticker


Leonora Hammond: SKU15

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Add fun, style, and character to any boy’s bedroom with this ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ wall sticker!



You don't need to spend too much time or effort to instantly upgrade a plain and boring wall.  This decorative wall sticker is unique, stylish, and fun. When you want to redecorate, you can easily remove this print or apply new decals to give the room a quick lift.

All products are made with a premium quality matte vinyl that can be easily applied and removed, eliminating the mess associated with wallpaper or painted products. Once applied to a painted wall with a satin or matte finish, this wall sticker will give the appearance of a painted graphic.

Create an interesting focal point in your kid's bedroom with 'Boys Will Be Boys' wall art print!

This product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It can be applied to any smooth surface including painted walls, glass, mirrors, tiles, plastic, etcetera. You can also use it outside your home, like in boats and vehicles. Each wall sticker comes in its own postal tube and is beautifully packaged with comprehensive instructions to ensure easy application.


Key Features:

-       Premium quality matte vinyl

-       Multiple colours



-       One ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Wall Sticker


Colours Available:

-       Yellow

-       Orange

-       Blood Red

-       Burgundy

-       Cyclamen

-       Pink

-       Lime

-       Magnolia

-       Antique Violet

-       Blue Grey

-       Dark Green

-       Bahamas Blue

-       Turquoise Green

-       Mint

-       Pastel Turquoise

-       Lagoon Blue

-       Water Lily

-       Sky Blue

-       Methylene Blue

-       Cobalt Blue

-       Graphite

-       Pesto

-       Oasis

-       Sepia Brown

-       Medium Grey

-       Pearl Grey

-       Silver

-       Gold

-       Mocha

-       Silk Grey

-       Antique White

-       White

-       Ivory

-       Black

-       Chocolate



-       500mm x 700mm

-       Material(s): premium quality matte vinyl