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Capucha Table Lamp


Oitenta: capucha-table-lamp

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The Capucha lamp is made from two flat materials, paper and birch veneer. The process begins with cutting all the parts of the lamp, cutting the paper parts and wood parts separately. I mark the folds on the paper and I give the finish to the wood by hand.

All the parts are glued together whilst still flat and under pressure. Then comes the magic! Moving from a flat piece to a three dimensional lamp!

The light bulb is pointed diagonally down to the surface, providing direct illumination, perfect for reading, working, writing etc. but it also provides ambient indirect lighting.

– Dimensions –

28H x 17W 17L cm / 11″H x 6.7″W x 6.7″L

Textile cord length: 1.8 m / 70.8″

It´s shipped assembled in a strong cardboard package and it includes a white globe energy-saving light bulb and the textile cord includes UE standard plug but I can add an adapter to match your country´s standards.

This fine object is handmade on demand and it takes me 1-2 weeks depending on workload.

We ship worldwide.