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3 Day Organic Soup & Juice Cleanse


Core Body Cleanse: 3 Day Combination

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Organic, raw, cold-pressed juices and soups with no unwanted extras.

This Combination Cleanse is a popular package for beginners to cleansing, with a mix of juices and soups it's a great way experience a range of cleanse products whilst loading yourself with nutrients (especially popular in those colder months).

Choose from a 1, 2, or 3 day cleanse.

For each day you will receive: 4 x 250ml Juices

Energiser: Almond milk, Banana, Dates, Vanilla, Cinnamon
Super Hydrater: Pineapple,Watermelon,Coconut water,Cucumber,Lime
Glowing Roots: Beetroot,Apple,Carrot,Ginger,Lemon
Super Greens: Kale, Spinach,Apple,Celery,Cucumber,Spirurlina,Wheatgrass

  • 2 x 250ml Soups to have at lunch and dinner

Thai squash soup: Spicy with a silky coconut texture, perfect slow release carbohydrates to keep the energy levels high
Supergreens soup: Cooked in a very short time to retain a high level of nutrients found in leafy greens this fresh and vibrant soup is perfect hot or even cold

  • plus full advice and guidance along the way