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Crocodile Velvet Watch


Patoo Watches: crocodile-velvet-watch

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Patoo thrives to inspire girls worldwide. Our timeless product desires to enable girls to express themselves wholly and inspire one another. Our ethos is to connect originality with wearability and personal style.

This earth-toned velvet watch shimmers in gorgeous tones of green in the sunlight. Although it is more subtle in colour, our green Patoo shines its own light. Its golden case and bright white dial add a touch of elegance to this more earthy strap, making it a dream combination for any style, day or night.

In a shade of khaki green, a very fashionable and trendy colour, this timepiece is very versatile and works well with lots of colours, specially monochrome black or white looks, denim and pastels. Whether you want to brighten up a winter outfit or to wear it with denim shorts in the summer, this watch is easy to dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

Case Size: 38.5mm
Strap Width: 20mm
Movement: Japanese Quartz Movement
Case Material: Alloy and Stainless Steel Back Case
Case colour: Gold
Dial colour: Matte White
Strap Material: Top layer 100%PL Velvet material. Bottom layer genuine leather.
Strap Colour: Dark green Velvet