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Delicate Romance Pocket Collection

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Madia & Matilda: delicate-romance-pocket-collection
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New scents and rich aromas from Lola's Apothecary are available on Madia & Matilda - SHop UNique section. Hand made in the UK crafted with 100% natural ingredients. Each created in a picturesque cattle farm in Devon. At the heart of their beliefs, in wellness and a holistic approach to life. Lola and Dominic wish that their lovingly handmade products would not only bless one with gorgeous skin, but also become a welcome part of one’s self care ritual, to provide a momentary retreat from the vivid dance of life.


A delectable gift set to experience our signature Delicate Romance fragrance, while enjoying the taste of Queen of Roses chocolate bar!

Gift Set Content (retail value £44)

Complete with hand tied Lola's Apothecary ribbon, each beautifully presented gift box contains:

- Delicate Romance Travel Candle (20+ hours burn time)
- Delicate Romance Body & Massage Oil Roll-on
- Queen of Roses Chocolate Bar

Delicate Romance Travel Candle

Fill your living space with romance and style with our hand poured, all natural, spicy rose scented candle. Add a sense of fragrant opulence to any room. Our candles are made with an innovative blend of all natural plant waxes that delivers superior fragrance throw compared to normal soy wax, without the carbon of paraffin wax candles.

Delicate Romance Body & Massage Oil Roll-on

Our cult body oil in a super cute roll-on bottle. Always keep one in your bag, for a quick dose of aromatherapy and skin drink on-the-go. It doubles as a gorgeous natural perfume oil, apply anywhere you wish to be kissed!

Queen of Roses Chocolate Bar

The opulent Queen of Roses Chocolate Bar is 70% Dominican dark chocolate infused with crystallised rose petals for a moreish crunchy texture and a divine floral taste. Adorned with rose petals and 23ct edible gold leaf.