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Double (Triple & Quadruple) Fingerprint Heart Necklace


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Keep those that you love close to your heart with Oliver Twist Designs. We are experts in crafting personalised, unique pieces of jewellery that everyone will love to wear.

This special Double Fingerprint Heart Necklace is one that is sure to be treasured.

Created from sterling silver, the double heart shaped pendant can both feature your chosen fingerprint and you can customise both with the finish of your choice (black or clear).

Not only this but you can also customise the length of the chain to match in with the person who will be receiving it.

We love creating unique and treasured items which is why we aim to send them out to you within 5 working days of receiving your fingerprints. These are captured using our special Moulding Dough which captures every line and curve, ready to make your special jewellery.