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Double (Triple & Quadruple) Fingerprint Teardrop Necklace


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A personalised fingerprint necklace capturing the actual life size fingerprint of your loved one within a silver teardrop charm to keep close to your heart.


Looking for the ideal personalised gift for someone special? Want it to have a feminine touch as well as plenty of style.

If you do, then this Double Fingerprint Teardrop Necklace from Oliver Twist Designs is the perfect choice for you.

Made from Sterling Silver it is exquisitely crafted to make a great impression. Not only this, but with us you can personalise your necklace with an extra special touch.

We will send you out our special Fingerprint Moulding Dough in order to capture your chosen fingerprints with ease. Once you send these back to us we will add them to both parts of your chosen necklace and have them back to you within 5 working days.

Everything we ship is sent with free UK delivery and we hope that each and every item will be worn with as much love and care as we put into making them.

Hold the ones you love close to your heart, with this beautiful teardrop necklace from Oliver Twist Designs.

Made From:

The pendant is handmade from sterling silver, this means they are harder metal and more resilient to damage.