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Colouring Poster Downtown


Fundamental Berlin: POS-DTN

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This 90 cm x 180 cm black and white poster is here to help you doodle.

Hang it in the kitchen, or next to the phone, or in a child’s bedroom, or in your own bedroom! Select some coloured markers or pencils (we recommend no more than 4 or 5 colours) and give in to hours of absent minded, relaxing doodling, either in a blissful afternoon of flow, or in bouts of 5 or 10 minute fun.

This motif is inspired by childrens' building blocks, and is the work of graphic designer Tristan Scow.

Poster also available with a 'warm' or 'fresh' accented set of double-sided graffiti markers, or a set of wooden pencils with sharpener.

W: 90 cm x H: 180 cm

Delivered in a roll.

UK & Europe up to 3 working days