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Drain-Spot: Concrete Valet Tray, ashtray, key tray, soap dish


Labyrinth BCN: Drain-Spot

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The Drain-Spot is a solid one piece high quality multi-purpose concrete design object. Probably the most elaborate of all our designs, the Drain Spots is the result of many tests with different kinds of concrete mixtures in order to achieve a massive, solid, and, above all, an smooth surface in which the natural roughness of the material allows the pinpoint accuracy of a design piece.

The high quality concrete surface has been treated with a protective coating to avoid the natural erosion of the concrete material in order to increase its durability and and its resistance against water and humidity. As a result, you can sink your Drain Spot in water for days and get it back absolutely unchanged.

The architectural efficiency of the Draining Spot allows it to fulfill its draining purpose and to be the perfect holder for your keys, coins, soap or to use it as a cool ashtray. Empty or full; it will always maintain its charm.