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Fingerprint Teardrop Necklace


Oliver Twist Designs: fingerprint-oval-necklac

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A personalised fingerprint necklace capturing the actual life size fingerprint of your loved one within a silver teardrop charm to keep close to your heart.

The smallest fingerprint can leave the biggest imprint on your heart. So why not wear an extra special fingerprint close to yours?

Here at Oliver Twist Designs we are experts in crafting unique, personalised jewellery that can be treasured.

We only use high quality materials such as Sterling Silver when making our jewellery and work hard to ensure that the quality is exceptional each and every time.

This Teardrop shaped pendant features a beautiful, 100% unique fingerprint, which can be finished in a clear or black style, whichever you prefer.

Not only will we create your necklace for you, but we will also send you out a fingerprint kit so that you can capture those fingerprints and send them back to us to make your necklace.

We aim to have your brand new piece of jewellery dispatched within 5 days of receiving those prints and will be on hand to help you as and when you need it.

Made From:

The pendant is handmade from sterling silver, this means they are harder metal and more resilient to damage.

If you require hallmarking this is an additional charge. Please contact us for more detail.

Dimensions: The pendant is approx 16mm x 8mm x 2mm