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Fläpps Regal


Ambivalenz: flapps-regal-white

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Simple, sleek and slim, Ambivalenz reinvents shelving systems with the Fläpps Regal.



The Fläpps Regal is Ambivalenz' standard shelving unit. It's a fold-down multi-purpose shelf that you mount on the wall. With a simple, sleek, and slim silhouette, it easily blends into the wall when you're not using it. But release the shelf and you have a sturdy place to put your items on.

The best thing about the Fläpps Regal shelf is that you can place it anywhere in the house. Its compact and minimalist design allows you to be creative in how you use it. In the kitchen, you can store spices, cookbooks, pots, plates, glasses, and other similar items here. In the living room, you can use it to display books, picture frames, small indoor plants, and other decor items in your house. You can also put up this shelf in entryways, hallways, bedrooms, and office spaces.

Combine this shelving unit with other furniture pieces from the Fläpps series to create a more efficient and functional space that's well suited to your needs.


Key Features:

  • Multi-purpose shelving unit
  • Compact and minimalist
  • Can be combined with other furniture from the Fläpps series
  • Colours: White or black
  • Dimensions: 60cm x 27cm x 2cm + 1cm wall mount
  • Table Dimensions: 50cm x 17cm
  • Material: Plywood Birch, Stainless Steel
  • Surface: Lacquer



  • One Fläpps Regal


Colours/Sizes Available:

  • Colours: White or black
  • Dimensions: 60cm x 27cm x 2cm + 1cm wall mount
  • Table Dimensions: 50cm x 17cm 


Care & Composition:     

  • Material: Plywood Birch, Stainless Steel
  • Surface: Lacquer
  • Use a feather duster or slightly damp cloth to remove dust from the surface.
  • Gentle cleaning agents can be used for heavier soiling.
  • Ink, fruit, felt pen stains, tea, coffee, red wine, and mustard must be removed immediately.
  • Never use agents that apply material (e.g. waxes or oils) to avoid yellowing and hardening.
  • Never use agents that degrade the material (e.g. sharp liquid cleaners, scouring powders, or solvents).


Delivery information:

  • Ships in 2 to 4 weeks