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Fläpps Wall Desk


Ambivalenz: flapps-wall-desk

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Functional and discreet, this Fläpps wall desk makes the perfect seated or standing workstation depending on the height it is mounted on the wall. When the work is done, simply fold it away.
The Fläpps Wall desk leaves no space for unfinished work!
Why not combine the Workstation with other Fläpps products to provide additional storage.

The whole Fläpps-Collection is printable and combinable with each other. That gives anyone the freedom to individually compose their wall-setup, and change it whenever they are undecided. A wall mounting mechanism, especially designed for this purpose, makes it possible. It consists of two wooden slats that can effortlessly be connected to the wall by using the provided stencil. After that Fläpps can be mounted safely and stable. In this way no abrasion occurs to the product while mounting and demounting so nothing stands in the way for undecided people. No matter how often they like to move or reposition their product. AMBIVALENZ  STAY UNDECIDED!

Material: birch plywood, stainless steel
Folded 80 x 50 x 2 cm + 1 cm Wall Mount
Desk unfolded: 70 x 40 cm
Finish: Lacquer

No.: FL090002

All shipping: 2-4 weeks