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Fläpps Wild & Free Folding Chair


Ambivalenz: flapps-wild-free-folding-chair

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Granted, the idea is a bit flat. The Fläpps folding chair.

Finally, a folding chair may remain. Fläpps does not have to be behind the closet, in the chamber, in the niche, like most of its peers. His motives make him sociable. If he stands in the way, he fits into the smallest gap. Fläpps is 20mm flat.

      • Dimensions: 84 x 47 x 2 cm
      • Materials: Multiplex Birch, Stainless Steel 
      • Surface: Lacquer, UV Printing
      • Weight: 7.7 kg
      • Shipping information: ships in 2-4 weeks