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Folding Chair Fläpps – Op Art Circle


Ambivalenz: folding-chair-flapps-op-art-circle

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This folding chair doesn’t need to hide like most of his fellows. FLÄPPS is a mere 20 mm flat and his beautiful art-prints make him a fashionable decorative object even when folded. Easy to open and easy to close with a single snap. A chair to stow, print and adore. Due to its unique folding mechanism, FLÄPPS is always ready to use.

Design: Malte Grieb
Product development: Sebastian Feucht/eco3plan, Mason Juday, Stefan Knorr

Material: birch plywood, stainless steel
Dimensions: 840x470x20mm
Seat height: 45 cm
Finish: Lacquer

All shipping: 2-4 weeks