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Friendship Crystal Kit


Eclectic Eccentricity: friendship-crystal-kit

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Crystal Kit for Friendship by Eclectic Eccentricity

A selection of charming crystals that support love and friendship.


A collection of various crystals believed to nuture love and friendship. Give these little gems to your bestie, take them with you on the go or place around the house.

This selection of crystals includes:

  • Moonstone - known to radiate inspiration and calm-mindedness
  • Rose Quartz - promotes harmony and friendship
  • Amazonite - radiates love and energy
  • Citrine -  encourages joy and happiness.
Key features:
  • Unique natural crystals
  • Personalisable


  • One Friendship Crystal Kit
  • Crystal kits arrive in an EE cotton bag finished with a brass star which can be personalised with any initial (please use the box provided for personalisation). Each bag comes with a description of the crystal’s metaphysical properties.


    • Approx. 10 mm x 30 mm
    • Please note as these crystals are natural elements measurements may not be exact and will vary slightly.