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Gluten Free Beer Selection (10 beers)


GandD Free: gluten free beer selection

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Gluten free beer is one of those items that you really miss when following a gluten free diet.

Whether you may be a coeliac, have gluten or wheat intolerances or just trying to reduce gluten this selction is one way to treat yourself or someone in mind to a whole host of different beers, covering many different colors, flavours and aromas.

These beers are some of our favourite in store and are great to drink on there own, with food and even some are brilliant to cook with!

All beers are gluten free!

What beers do I get?

  • Saxon lager, hepworth brewery 4% 330ml
  • Hepworth brewerey blonde organic lager 500ml 5%
  • Daura Damn can 330ml 5.4%
  • World top brewery, against the grain. 4.5% 500ml
  • Outlook Dark. Gluten free porter 500ml 5.1%
  • Hepworth brewery, pullman firts class ale 4.2% 500ml
  • Brewdog vegabond gluten free beer , 4.2% 330ml
  • Westerham, double stout. 5.5% 500ml
  • Outlook gluten free pale ale 5.5% 330ml
  • Hopback brewery crop circle 4.2% 500ml

This range covers everything from lagers, ales, pale ales, bitters and even stout. We can guarantee any beer lover would be delighted with this selection not to mention the fact that they are gluten free!