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Gluten Free Snack Bundle


GandD Free: gluten free snack bundle

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Treat Me Gluten Free Snack Bundle.

This bundle creates a fantastic collection of treats that would be sorely missed by someone following a gluten free diet. this brings back the love of convenience with none of the gluten containing ingredients!

In this bundle you will find;

  • Isabels yorkshire pudding mix 100g (makes approx 12)
  • lLovemore gingerbread men 160g
  • Schar milk chocolate nobbles 150g
  • Barkat Ice cream cones 60g
  • Eskal lemon wafers 200g
  • Angelic rose and sea salt crackers 150g
  • Thornleys creamy chicken & herb recipe mix 35g (serves 4)
  • Difatti gluten free gnocchi 250g

This bundle will offer a selection of sweet and svoury products that will answer the needs of anyone following a gluten free diet.

Dietary guidance: Gluten free, wheat free.