Grasshoppers - Dried Tomato & Pepper


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Discover the amazing crisp of our edible grasshoppers seasoned with pepper and dried tomatoes!

This delicious insects to eat were breed with a maximum of care in special farms exclusively located in Europe, for an optimal traceability and the highest quality possible. In order to keep the insects fresh for a long time, without losing any nutritional and taste properties, our edible grasshoppers are dehydrated before being seasoned.


Naturally, grasshoppers to eat have a subtle and discrete taste, very similar to hazelnuts’ flavours, that is why we developed fine recipes, which give them more crunch and a delicious taste of Provence, for a perfect appetizer to share with friends. Cooked in our own workshops in Vaux-le-Pénil, near Paris, we use high quality spices and condiments to delight your taste buds. Guarantee without neither artificial flavourings nor preservatives, our insects to eat are cooked “à la française”, look no further, JIMINI’S is the guarantee of a great moment of which you will remember.


The edible grasshoppers, Locusta Migratoria, are part of the Acridians species that we can meet in different regions of the world, and especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Australia or along the Mediterranean coast. Just like its cousins, the desert or red locusts, grasshoppers have an insatiable appetite, and are able to travel long distances flying or jumping which makes them impressively harmful for cultures.

And this not an exaggeration to say that, in countries such as Madagascar, edible grasshoppers and locusts regularly invade fields and literally ravage cultures. Small compensation for farmers and local populations, they could capture and consume the edible insects being an excellent source of proteins, if only it is possible. Savages grasshoppers can be contaminated by insecticide and pesticides and potentially be very harmful for human consumption and health.


In Europeans’ minds, insects to eat rime, for a long time, with proteins, which is totally true. In fact, from breeding farms or in their natural state, eating grasshoppers is a significant source of proteins already considered in different countries. With protein content reaching almost 40% for this insect to eat, numerous organizations as the FAO (part of the UNO, responsible for the world food and nutrition maters) or the WHO (World Health Organization) already consider insect consumption as the solution to feed the rising world population.

However the benefits of insects to eat are multiple: consuming little food and water, contaminating less grounds and water and emitting less greenhouse gases, eating grasshoppers is environmentally friendly. When we know that 20 to 30% of the greenhouse gas contamination is the result of the livestock farming, we directly understand the advantages of this type of protein!

Picto-criquet-2pers ready to eat grasshoppers - 1 to 2 persons

Picto-10g around 15 grasshoppers in a box

Picto-allergène Insects contain similar allergens to crustacians

Picto-made-in-france european edible grasshoppers cooked in France


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