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Home Crystal Kit


Eclectic Eccentricity: home-crystal-kit

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Crystal Kit for Homes by Eclectic Eccentricity

A selection of crystals that amplify positive energies, the perfect way to re-energise your home whether you're just moving or you have lived there for years.


Make your house more homely with this collection of crystals, carefully handpicked to transform your abode into a safe haven of love, relaxation and positive vibes. 

Place these crystals around your home and let them work their magic, as they ground and amplify your homes energies creating the perfect place to be.

This selection of crystals includes:

  • Amethyst - a calming stone that will reduce your stress & promote a harmonious environment within the home
  • Carnelian - a stone that inspires creativity, Carnelian will aide you in unleashing your decorating potential & making your house, a home
  • Amazonite - radiates safe energies, ensuring your home is your sanctuary
  • Jade -  the stone of 'good fortune', brings wealth, success and wisdom to your home
Key features:
  • Unique natural crystals
  • Personalisable


  • One Home Crystal Kit
  • Crystal kits arrive in an EE cotton bag finished with a brass star which can be personalised with any initial (please use the box provided for personalisation). Each bag comes with a description of the crystal’s metaphysical properties.


    • Approx. 10 mm x 30 mm
    • Please note as these crystals are natural elements measurements may not be exact and will vary slightly.