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Japanese Green Sencha Loose-Leaf Tea

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Country: Japan

Origin: Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture

Leaf: Long, flat, emerald green with lighter flecks

Aroma: Heady, musty

Liquor: Golden yellow

Cupping Notes: Sweet, tangy, vegetal notes

Brewing Tips: 6g in 160ml of water at 80°C. Steep for 2 mins. Strain and add more water for further infusions


A delicate, sweet tea, high in vitamin C.Sencha is made from the flushings of spring leaves. The leaves are steamed, to de-enzyme them and promote the green color. They are then alternately dried and rolled. The leaves are long and flecked with pale green specks and produce a golden yellow infusion. If you’re dreaming of a holiday, just make a cup of sencha and take in the aroma of sea breezes and freshly cut grass – it’s the next best thing to packing your passport and heading for the airport.

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