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Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green Tea

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  • Country: China
  • UK Shipping 2-5 Days
  • Origin: Fujian Province
  • Leaf: Long silvery buds, rolled into exquisite pearls. Unfurl as they steep
  • Aroma: Heady jasmine, honey notes
  • Liquor: Clean, wonderful, light green color
  • Cupping Notes: Rich malty notes, with citrus sweetness. No bitterness or astringency
  • Brewing Tips: 4 pearls in 200ml of water at 87°C. Steep for 3-4 mins. Strain and add more water for further infusions

A speciality from the Fujian Province - the power of the dragon is unleashed in the form of this green tea which is hand-rolled into a “pearl” and infused with essence of fresh jasmine flowers. These little pearls open up during brewing, releasing the heady aroma of jasmine. The flavour is smooth and sweet and divinely perfumed. Think "summer breeze", laying on your back in a field looking up at a blue sky with the one you love.

I adore the delicate taste of this tea. You can add more water for a further 5 or more infusions, so you can really make it go a long way - really cost effective!

Nerd Zone:

Slender green tea buds are picked from the young green tea plants and are heated in pans to prevent oxidation. After storage of up to a month, newly blossomed jasmine flowers are added and then both are hand-rolled into the incredible small pearl shape that is synomymous with this tea.

One of the great things about jasmine tea is that it works wonderfully to aid digestion after meals. I love it as an afternoon drink and the heady aroma of jasmine is so soothing, yet like all teas it is a subtle stimulant to keep you alert.

Also, try adding an infusion to ordinary basmati rice to give it that stunning flavour with your food.

Did you know?:

According to legend, a Chinese emperor wanted to offer an original gift of love to his mistress and had the green tea leaves scented with jasmine and hand rolled individually. Tell your valentine this story as this lovely tea steeps and unfurls feelings of passion and love.