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Jasper Dog Coat


Hettie: Jasper Dog Coat-01

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Dress your dog in style with our Jasper dog coat. Available in a variety of different fabrics, why not coordinate your four-legged friend with you outfit! 100% wool outer fabric to keep your dog warm, and 100% cotton spot lining for a soft touch against your dog's fur. This coat has adjustable straps around the waist and neck for a comfortable fit, and a hole under the collar so they can walk on the lead easily.


Care Instructions

Hettie’s pet products are not intended for very muddy walking and swimming. If they do get very dirty then dry cleaning would be the best option.


For smaller stains etc it will be fine to rub with soapy water and leave to dry naturally. Mix a sudsy solution of cold water and wool laundry liquid. Using a light dampened cloth or sponge with soap and water, rub gently with a light circular motion.


Allow to dry naturally.


Hettie's fabrics are used for their color, texture, durability and beauty. Because wool contains lanolin it is naturally resistant to stains and odours, but to avoid damage be careful to avoid where possible