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Layla Rose White Fibonacci Headphones Bundle

£118.30 £169.00

FRENDS: layla-rose-white-fibonacci-headphones-bundle

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The Fibonacci Dots collection embraces both the beauty of sequences and placement. Utilising alogrithms to create a fluent design that is both beautiful and brilliant!

Includes rose gold caps!

Technical Info: 

  • 30 mm dual magnetic drivers - deliver premium sound
  • 3 button mic and remote- control your phone and music
  • Soft-touch fabric cord - minimises tangling
  • Frends With Benefits - Interchangeable Cap System
  • Stain-resistant resistant leathers
  • Memory foam ear cushions - molds to your ear
  • 2-in-1 bundle - includes gunmetal caps
  • Optic collection
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