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Matsu™ Ceremonial Matcha · 20g


Matchaeologist: Matsu™ Ceremonial Matcha · 20g

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Intense with a Mellow Roasted Flavor

Our signature ceremonial-grade matcha is artisan roasted to produce a rich, creamy body and smooth mouthfeel not unlike a perfectly brewed espresso

Boasting the deepest shade of green reminiscent of Japanese pine trees, Matsu™ is characterized by its captivating roasted aromas brought to the fore by our artisanal roasting technique handed down through generations of matcha sommeliers. The result is a deeply rich and complex symphony of flavors, with notes of 'umami' and savory-sweet undertones that round out the intensity of the roast, culminating in an exquisite blend with a full body and long, creamy finish.