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Maurice The Mouse Cushion With Rhyme


WDD: maurice-the-mouse-cushion-with-rhyme-1-1

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What am I?

Read the rhyme and guess what animal is on the front!

Handmade cushion covers featuring a fun descriptive rhyme for kids to read, and a picture of the animal described on the reverse. Beautifully illustrated, these fun rhymes encourage kids to learn as they play!

Place three or four cushions together and make a fun reading area for a group of kids to sit, read and play together.

  • Measures: 45 x 45cm (size approximate)
  • Materials: 100% cotton. Includes 100% polyester fire retardant inner
  • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • colors: Mouse image on grey, rhyme on pink
  • Care instructions: Cushion covers are machine washable at 40ºC. Wash cover only.