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Metallic Black Cylinder Cups


Studio Beate Snuka: metallic-black-cylinder-coffee-tea-cups

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Handmade black pottery mug. Ideal for cold or hot beverages. Wood fired earthenware, each piece has a different metallic effect depending on the way the flames have touched the cup during firing. No two cups or mugs will be the same. Made from locally harvested clay without any artificial or natural pigments only the raw material itself, finished with a special wax layer applied in a high temperature to lock any pores to make each piece water proof and prevent staining. Matte inside.

  • Size: Height - 12 cm, diameter - 7. 5cm & volume: 250 ml
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Material & Colour: anthracite gray with metallic ornamentation wood fired earthenware, wax
  • Care: Food safe, dishwasher proof.