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My-Wish Bangle - Manifest all day long


My-Wishbone Jewellery: my-wish-bangle-manifest-all-day-long

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This bangle is the first introduction of new styles for 2017! It creatively symbolises an interpretation of a wishbone whilst translating the curvatures of manifesting wishes and making them a reality. Whilst our dreams take shape they have their ups and downs which involve artistic movement, then, finally a masterpiece is created, et voila, the bangle!

The bangle comes in a beautiful gold, rose-gold and silver.

It is not a perfectly round bangle, which supports the fact we are all unique and nothing is perfect, measurements below:

  • Inside width of bangle: 66mm
  • Inside height of bangle: 62mm
  • Base width of bangle: 8mm
  • Weight: 18g

'My-Wishbone' is beautifully engraved on the inside off the bangle and 925 Hallmarked.