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'Notes' Letterpress Notebook


Elsker Creations: notes-letterpress-notebook-1

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'Notes' Letterpress Notebook by Elsker Creations
An A6 notebook, with the motif 'notes' letter-pressed in copper.


This minimalist rustic styled A6 notebook, available with either plain or lined paper. The notebook features the motif 'notes' embossed in copper, by a 1932 Adana letterpress.

All Elsker Creations products are handcrafted which makes them unique, therefore it is not possible to for each product to be completely uniform. As these notebooks are embossed by hand, each one has its own characteristics. Elsker Creations work hard on each product, individually letter-pressing the motif on to each notebook to ensure each one is of the highest quality. 

Key Features:
  • Rustic styled notebook
  • 'Notes' motif, embossed in copper
  • Printed on a 1932 Adan letterpress 


  • One A6 notebook

Colours Available:

  • Brown with copper embossed motif

Delivery information:

  • Elsker Creations products ship worldwide. Orders are usually dispatched within 1-3 working days.