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Orange Patisserie Warming Bath & Shower Oil


Madia & Matilda: orange-patisserie-warming-bath-shower-oil

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New scents and rich aromas from Lola's Apothecary are available on Madia & Matilda - SHop UNique section. Hand made in the UK crafted with 100% natural ingredients. Each created in a picturesque cattle farm in Devon. At the heart of their beliefs, in wellness and a holistic approach to life. Lola and Dominic wish that their lovingly handmade products would not only bless one with gorgeous skin, but also become a welcome part of one’s self care ritual, to provide a momentary retreat from the vivid dance of life.


Orange Patisserie Warming Bath & Shower Oil.

An Indulgent shower oil for a warming bath that feels like hugs and cakes. Dim the lights, go offline. Place a few candles around the bathroom to create a sacred space. Rain a few drops of bath oil into a full bath. Slide into the warm bath, close your eyes and recall the welcoming scent of baking and laughter in the kitchen. Can also be used as a shower oil.


This product was hand made in Britain.