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Protein Pasta - Plain Conchiglie Rigate



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A while ago we came up with the idea of modernizing the good old pasta, with an extra special JIMINI'S ingredient. And now we have finally taken the plunge! We’re delighted to introduce you to discover our delicious new pasta, enriched with insect flour! With its 18.7% natural protein and three ingredients (buffalo worm flour, durum wheat and eggs), you can simply cook the pasta with some vegetables or in a sauce, to have everything you need for a balanced meal.

And that’s not all! 86% of the ingredients used to make our pasta comes from organic farming. Why 86%? Basically because the whole insect powder that we use to enrich our protein pastes is not certifiable in Europe, just like all insects. The reason for that? The certification bodies don’t yet have specifications for insect breeding and therefore do not agree to certify insect producers. Fortunately things are moving in the right direction; Canada has recently issued the first certificates for the production of organic insects, they’re just not recognized in Europe yet.



For this exciting new range we’ve welcomed a new insect to the JIMINI’S family, to keep our grasshoppers, crickets and mealworms company. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the Buffalo Worm! He’s a small cousin of the flour worm, who is rich in proteins (55% protein in the form of whole powdered insect ), contains all essential amino acids and is a source of iron. Its scientific name is Alphitodius diaperinus, but that’s just too formal. As usual at JIMINI'S, we have chosen to use entirely European insects, to ensure the best quality and traceability on our products.



So what's the difference with classic pasta? Protein of course! While the protein level of conventional pasta is around 10g before cooking, JIMINI'S insect pasta exceeds 18%. By way of comparison, a soy bean steak contains about 15% protein. The pasta’s ideal for a pre sports session. They combine complex carbohydrates for a progressive release of energy throughout the effort, as well as highly assimilable proteins for muscle recovery, which also makes it great for post workout. All in all this makes it possible to lower the glycemic index by slowing down the digestion.

Picto-vers-buffalo Insect protein pasta made with Buffalo worm flour

Picto-jiminis-pates-proteines Per pack, 3 servings

picto-allergene Insects contain similar allergens to shellfish

Picto-organic-fig Made from 86% organic ingredients

Picto-sans-gluten-barre Dairy & soya free

pourcentage-proteines-vers Of protein, source of fibre

Nutritional information:

PER 100G:
Energy 1545kJ / 365 kcal
Fat 4,2g
(of which saturates) 1,4g
Carbohydrates 61,3g
(of which sugars) 1,7g
Fibres 3,6g
Protein 18,7g
Salt 0,1g
iron 8,05mg


Ingrédients : durum wheat semolina*, whole dehydrated buffalo worm powder (Alphitobius diaperinus) (14%), dehydrated egg white*.

Allergens : see ingredients in bold. Insects contain similar allergens to shellfish.

Storage: 12 to 18 month depending on batch number


*Organic certified ingredients

Certified FR-BIO-01