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"Casa" Espresso Blend Speciality Coffee



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One pack of Freshly Roasted Casa Espresso Blend Coffee.

Following the success of their 3-bean Seasonal Espresso Blend, Rinaldo worked for a number of months on his new espresso blend and they've arrived at something they like a lot. They've tweaked roasts, used different single origins from various continents, cupped and slurped and combined flavours. 

The coffee beans are 100% Arabica and ethically sourced and, of course, roasted with love by Rin.

Available to buy as a 250g or 1kg.

Don't forget to use the drop-down box below to tell us how you'd like your beans ground.

Brew Method: Made for an espresso machine. Absolutely cracking as a filter / stove top. As we say in Cumbria: “Champion”.

Rin's objective?

  • A coffee that's got the boldness through an espresso machine as an unadulturated espresso, yet has the body and punch to compliment all milky drinks
  • A blend of 100% single-origin Arabica beans that tastes amazing, without any hint of the astringency you'll find with Robusta coffee
  • To remain committed to using farms whose produce is fully traceable. With this provenance, we can rely on an excellent crop from each harvest. And in this way, we can reproduce a consistent roast profile and keep you smiling
  • A taste profile that has good balance, a full-mouthfeel, with nutty and dark chocolate notes and a refreshing berry finish-
  • Currently: 60% Brazil: Ouro Verde: (Rainforest Alliance Certified) / 40%: El Salvador: Los Pirineos (microlot)
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