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Sample Pack - Choose 3 Blends to Try Before you Buy!


Real Coffee Bag Company: Sample Pack-01

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If you haven't really heard of Real Coffee Bag Company coffee bags, and maybe just want to give them a go, then why not try our sample pack. You can choose 3 of any of our coffees, and we will send you 2 of each blend to try at home before you decide which one is for you.

We have a coffee to suit everyone, and every time of day, from strong coffee - Colombian 'Pure' to give you a kick when you need it, to a fabulous strong Colombian Decaf for night time - or those unlucky people who can't have caffeine. What about trying our Award Winning Home Blend - a strong smooth coffee, perfect for that early morning wake-up call.

We have just released our flavored coffees, for that special treat, choose from Vanilla, Salted Caramel or Hazelnut - which one will be your favorite special coffee moment?

Go on give us a try - you may never look back!

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