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Small-Batch Beer Making Kit

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Home Brewtique: STARTER GIFT KIT
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Get them started on a fun new hobby and be remembered as giving the best gift!

With small-batch brewing one can enjoy the experimentation and excitement of making real ales from scratch without it taking over your house or life! Making beer is just like cooking - so why stop with your meal when you craft the perfect beverage to pair with your food.

Each batch makes 12 bottles of beer and can be made right on your stove top in just a few hours.


Our refined brewing process and equipment mean making beer from scratch is now easier than ever. Our detailed instructions will guide the new brewer through every step on the way to brewing just like the pros.



  • Bespoke re-useable brewing bag
  • Fermentation pail with integrated bottling spout and LCD thermometer (to monitor fermentation temperature)
  • Bottling wand (no need for messy siphoning – bottle directly from fermenter!)
  • Airlock
  • Immersion thermometer


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A beer is only as good as its ingredients so it makes sense to start with the freshest and best ingredients possible.

the included recipe voucher provides the choice for any of our 10 craft beer styles ranging from pales ales, IPAs to stouts which will be processed on order and vacuum sealed for freshness.

The craft beer recipe pack will be sent next day courier so you receive your fresh ingredients straight to your door quickly and easily.