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Champagne Cuff


KFD Jewellery: Champagne Cuff

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Sterling silver Champagne cuff

A fabulous cuff in sterling silver , with gold detail and fresh water pearls. This gorgeous , statement cuff has been laboriously hand forged in my workshop, before the indentations to house the pearls were then added randomly over the cuff surface. Gold was then carefully applied to chosen areas before specifically selected pearls were added to complete this stunning design. No two cuffs will ever be identical - each sterling silver and freshwater pearl cuff is totally unique! Made to order.

Sizes (wrist size):
Small 6.0" - 6.5" (153mm -165mm)
Medium 6.5" - 7.0" (165mm to 178mm)
Large 7.0" - 7.5" (178mm to 190mm)

Cuff width is approximately 30mm.